U.S. Water Industrial Group’s Process Control Monitoring™ (PCM) system is a simple, efficient way to enter and monitor data for wastewater treatment plants and other industrial facilities. The system provides instant remote access to all collected operational data, automated customized reporting and a secure repository for plant operational, regulatory and safety documentation.

Improve Your Workflow

Operators collect data with a clipboard
Data is electronically entered into an electronic format
Data is used to manually create reports and charts


Operator collects data directly into PCM using a mobile device
SCADA or PLC interface can be set to communicate directly with PCM
PCM automatically populates reports, charts, and graphs in real time


Benefits of PCM

Key differentiating features make it possible to realize labor efficiencies and cost savings.

Remote Data Entry

  • Direct entry avoids transcription errors
  • Reduce data collection labor with SCADA import
  • Instant availability for export to other formats (i.e., Microsoft Excel)

Effective Reporting

  • Daily emails of critical monitoring reports
  • Operators can analyze and manipulate data
  • Alarms notify when parameters exceed preset tolerances

Optimized Trend Analysis

  • Track operational performance targets with exportable charts
  • Helps identify areas for potential savings
  • Gain a thorough understanding of operation costs

Institutionalized Plant Operations

  • Instant critical file and O&M eManual access via mobile device
  • SDSs, Lockout / Tagout, SOPs, etc.
  • Centralized knowledge for operators and newly onboarded staff

Operational Cost Reductions

  • Remove redundant entries at the click of a button
  • Auto generation of reports instead of manual creation
  • Monitor operations remotely, from any location, at any time

Feature Highlights


Central Document Repository

Never fumble around looking for important documents again. Upload text, image, and spreadsheet files and associate them with configurable categories.


Built-in O&M eManual

Create an expert system by leveraging repository documents into a media-rich operations & maintenance (O&M) electronic manual.


Flexible Configuration

An unlimited number of data fields, data entry screens, alarms, and reports can be configured for every site.


Data Log Frequencies

The data log capability can capture data at different logging frequencies like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and static.


Data Validation

Enforced minimums and maximums prevent typographical entry errors. Apply default values for the most common values making data entry a breeze.


Data Log Import

Use a tablet and Microsoft Excel to capture data offline and then import it with just a few taps.


Complex Calculations

Automatically fill data fields using sophisticated expressions that combine mathematical formulas, literal values, stored functions, and logic decision trees.


Alarms & Guidance

Trigger an alarm when a data value exceeds a tolerance and upload documents to guide Operators on how to quickly recover from a warning.


Robust Reporting

Custom configured trend charts, dashboards, and state compliant Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) provide a quick operational picture and satisfy strict regulations.


Emailed Reports

Don’t have time to log in and run a report yourself? No problem, subscribe to it and you’ll find it in your email inbox automatically.


Data Export

Easily export data into Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, or Comma Separated Value formats and integrate it into your own presentations and reports.


Ad-hoc Charting

Satisfy your data trend curiosity with an ad-hoc chart and, if you find it useful, convert it to a trend report for quick and easy access in the future.

Process Control Monitoring software digital networking connector industrial PC wireless

PCM Connect!

PCM Connect! is a secure, small form factor data appliance that easily imports data from your plant network into our digital communication and reporting hub.


The PCM application programming interface (API) lets you integrate PCM data into your internal systems or custom programmed applications.


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Ken Jones, CQM
Ken Jones, CQM

Mr. Jones is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Water Industrial Group, LLC. Ken recently joined the company as part of the Ramboll Americas O&M Solutions acquisition where he had been for more than 26 years. Ken has a long-standing history of customer service and successful project operations that has elevated him to a leadership position within the organization. Ken firmly believes that our people are the key to excellent customer service, so his focus is on building a strong collaborative team that has driven the success of the Industrial Group.