PCM Connect!

Easily import plant data into the U.S. Water Industrial Group Process Control Monitoring™ (PCM) digital communication and reporting hub using PCM Connect!, a secure, small form factor data appliance.

PCM Connect! is a compact, custom programmed industrial PC manufactured by OnLogic that requires 110 volt AC power, an Ethernet connection to the treatment plant instrumentation network, and a separate internet connection. The device continually captures plant network measurements from sensors and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and stores the values within its local database. Data is pushed hourly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then digitally posted to the PCM application database.


Through a VPN, U.S. Water Industrial Group technicians program device capture routines remotely, avoiding travel costs without sacrificing security.


What’s included

Our base package includes:

  • Hardware and shipping to your site
  • Pretesting and configuration for up to 50 data points
  • Cloud data retention for 30 days


Longer retention and additional tag programming is available. Additional cost may be needed without network and instrumentation documentation. With custom programming, a near real-time graphical cloud dashboard is also available with high granularity and retention.


PCM DCS Back Connections

Benefits & Features



Complete 24/7 data coverage even when staff is offsite



Store and forward retains captured data when Internet is unavailable



Remote configuration via secure VPN avoids travel costs



Entirely avoids manual data entry transcription errors



Does not interfere with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and other systems



Cloud data updates PCM twelve times each day



Eliminates daily data entry time labor



Hourly cloud data is posted to the PCM Daily Log using count, sum, minimum, maximum and average aggregation



Dual network cards isolate the plant network from the Internet


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Ken Jones, CQM
Ken Jones, CQM

Mr. Jones is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Water Industrial Group, LLC. Ken recently joined the company as part of the Ramboll Americas O&M Solutions acquisition where he had been for more than 26 years. Ken has a long-standing history of customer service and successful project operations that has elevated him to a leadership position within the organization. Ken firmly believes that our people are the key to excellent customer service, so his focus is on building a strong collaborative team that has driven the success of the Industrial Group.