Integrate PCM data into your building management, enterprise reporting, or any custom-designed application with the U.S. Water Process Control Monitoring™ (PCM) API.

Designed for developers by developers, the PCM API is a Representational State Transfer (REST) compliant application programming interface (API) that is callable from any Internet accessible system or program. The machine-to-machine interface uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) request and response bodies for exchanging data payloads asynchronously.


Although REST is a stateless environment, each resource endpoint complies with the HATEAOS principle, thereby allowing client applications to interact with the API through dynamically-generated hypermedia links. REST clients can easily progress through related data, or sets of data, without requiring prior knowledge about the underlying structure. For example, most response payloads include links that can be followed to transition through related data sets, like first, next, previous, and last.


Example Use Cases

  • Pull data on a scheduled basis to feed your business analytics
  • Combine wastewater treatment data with production data for complete manufacturing performance and cost metrics
  • Build event notifications across your entire plant from triggers contained in disparate systems
  • Merge with other sources to apply data mining that uncovers insights through statistics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning

Benefits & Features



17 endpoints for site setup, log status, log data, and operator and manager notes



Supports all PCM log levels (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)



Descriptive error messages with comprehensive documentation by Swagger



Fine-grained output control with advanced sorting and filtering



Highly available (24/7/365)



SSL encryption and OAuth 2 authentication


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Ken Jones, CQM
Ken Jones, CQM

Mr. Jones is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Water Industrial Group, LLC. Ken recently joined the company as part of the Ramboll Americas O&M Solutions acquisition where he had been for more than 26 years. Ken has a long-standing history of customer service and successful project operations that has elevated him to a leadership position within the organization. Ken firmly believes that our people are the key to excellent customer service, so his focus is on building a strong collaborative team that has driven the success of the Industrial Group.