Meet Our Experts

Meet a few members of the U.S. Water Industrial Group field team.  With a constant focus on safety, each of our tenured professionals strives to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards by consistently delivering solutions on time and under budget.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Mark Byrne

Mark Byrne

Project Management

Mark has over 32 years of experience in the management, performance and technical oversight of industrial treatment systems from an O&M perspective. He provides oversight for field operations personnel and contractors, manages site safety and ensures compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Zachary Cain

Zachary Cain

Project Management

Zachary has 14 years of experience in chemical manufacturing and industrial wastewater treatment. His chemistry background and knowledge uniquely position him to manage the challenges created by highly diverse and complex waste streams. He has led successful initiatives to optimize treatment plant performance, reduce operating costs, and prevent potential regulatory compliance issues. He has also coordinated significant maintenance projects and outages to maintain system reliability without impacting manufacturing activities.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Lance Hanners

Lance Hanners

Project Management

Lance has over 20 years of experience in municipal and industrial O&M projects. This experience includes technical operations and maintenance along with project management and project support. Over his career, Lance has helped lead over 20 project startups across the country with a focus on industrial treatment plants and ground water remediation.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Project Management

Chris has more than 24 years of experience in project management, environmental compliance, treatment system design, construction and integration, water and wastewater treatment, groundwater remediation, compliance assessment and consultation. He has a strong construction and operations background including project supervision, which has resulted in strategic alignment of industry processes and technologies with overall client satisfaction.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Jesse Garvey

Jesse Garvey

Maintenance Management

Jesse has over 16 years of experience managing industrial wastewater projects and environmental investigation, remediation, and construction projects. He performs a wide range of services at a variety of facilities, including facility start-up, troubleshooting, evaluation, construction, and maintenance. He manages maintenance programs and prepares cost estimates, work plans, material take-offs, budgets, and schedules for a wide variety of construction and maintenance projects.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Chuck Leonard

Chuck Leonard

Laboratory Management

Chuck has over six years of environmental chemistry experience with the company and almost 25 years of experience in nuclear and steam boiler chemistry with the US Navy. His areas of expertise include analytical methods, technical procedure development, regulatory compliance and quality control. A US Navy certified master training specialist, Chuck is adept at developing new trainees into experienced laboratory analysts and plant operators. He has participated in numerous projects for the company including the establishment of client laboratory facilities, wastewater treatment plant upgrades, and troubleshooting treatment plant operational problems. Additionally, Chuck is a licensed wastewater operator in South Carolina and Colorado.

Frank DeOrio

Frank DeOrio

Technical Director

Frank has nearly 50 years of experience in the areas of sanitary wastewater collection system maintenance, including combined sewer overflow and high-rate flow storage and release facilities, landfill, solid waste management, water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, environmental services, dam safety, lake-level management, hydropower operations, and turbine maintenance. He has coordinated on-site maintenance of sanitary sewer collection systems, inspection and maintenance programs, monitoring, sampling and testing of treatment processes; analyzed and optimized process controls; developed standard operating procedures development for laboratory analysis and operations; provided operator training; and prepared O&M manuals for water and wastewater treatment plants.

U.S. Water Industrial Group Ron Overholt

Ron Overholt

Technical Support

Ron is a licensed industrial wastewater operator with 23 years of professional experience providing facility start up, troubleshooting, evaluation, instruction, training, operations support, O&M manual creation, and maintenance functions at a wide variety of facilities.