CompleteSuite O&M Solutions

U.S. Water Industrial Group’s CompleteSuite Operations and Maintenance Solutions combines multidiscipline professional service teams with digitalization & innovation tools. Supported by our network of experts, we provide planned operation and systematic maintenance backed by world-class technical expertise – reducing risk and assuring clients that their facilities are running properly and efficiently so they can focus on their core business.

US Water CompleteSuite Professional Service Teams And Digital Tools Diagram

Professional Service Teams

For over 50 years, our professional service teams of licensed operators and recognized experts have provided quality, safe and sustainable operations and maintenance (O&M) services tailored to client needs, from strategic training to complete outsourcing.

U.S. Water Industrial Group’s in-house resources make up an operations team of trained, licensed operators and project managers, a dedicated maintenance team of specialized engineers, and a skilled technical support team of wastewater treatment experts and certified laboratory professionals with experience operating environmental and industrial treatment facilities.

Combined, our teams provide reduced risk and reliability through a strong focus on safety that ensures compliance with OSHA and client safety standards; access to a network of scientists and engineers to address operational challenges; and focus on innovation to improve performance through U.S. Water Industrial Group’s digital tools including a web-based tracking software for close, customized monitoring of facility operations.

Our award-winning professional service teams are dispatched from our offices across the U.S. to provide national expertise on a local scale.  With active and ongoing O&M engagements in 20 states, our reach is ever expanding with every client partnership we initiate.

Digital Tools

U.S. Water Industrial Group is a leader in innovation. From our internal accelerator program that empowers employees to realize their most creative ideas, to our premier digital solutions for sustainable, cost-effective project delivery, we offer a truly innovative advantage.

We are transforming the way we work, collaborating through digitalization and developing our advisory and business offerings through digitally enabled services focusing on growth and value for our clients.

Instantly Access Monitoring Data And Reporting

Bundled exclusively with CompleteSuite O&M Solutions, U.S. Water Industrial Group’s Process Control Monitoring™ (PCM) system is the hub connecting our digital tools to our people and yours. It provides instant remote access to operational data, automated custom reporting, and a secure repository of operational, regulatory and safety documentation for wastewater treatment plants and other industrial facilities.

Integrated CMMS Drives Time And Cost Savings

Using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for scheduled preventive maintenance and work order prioritization is key to driving time and cost savings. We understand an effective tracking and reporting tool can minimize plant downtime and extend equipment life and have teamed with the experts in maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) for facility management. We’ve integrated their world-class software with our proprietary PCM system, which provides a real-time view of open and overdue work orders, so our dedicated maintenance teams can quickly mobilize to where they’re needed.

Built-In SDS Management Promotes Safe And Effective Response

Immediate access to up-to-date chemical safety data sheets (SDS) is critical for safe and effective plant operations. We have partnered with the leading provider of SDS management solutions and integrated their state-of-the-art software tool with our proprietary plant operations system. By leveraging this provider’s strong supplier relationships and database of over seven million safety data sheets, our PCM professionals have easy access to historical documents for safety audits as well as current information for routine operations.

Project Highlights

Our approach to O&M focuses on key metrics for efficient management of the latest processes in the wastewater treatment market within a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, landfill leachate, chemical, pharmaceutical and advanced technology.

US Water Biophamaceutical Plant wastewater treatment plant water reclamation

For one of the longest running projects in our project portfolio, our experts provided design, build and operations services for a large-scale cell culture wastewater pretreatment plant owned by a global biopharmaceutical company. The plant uses equalization, neutralization and sequenced batch reactor (SBR) processes to treat a medicinal manufacturing waste stream with frequently changing characteristics, along with wastewater from utility buildings and cooling towers.

US Water Global- Food Services wastewater treatment plant water reclamation

For over 10 years, we have operated a wastewater pretreatment system for one of the largest global manufacturing facilities that produces and distributes poultry meat products. Our specialists provide 24/7 operations support for a system that collects and pretreats process wastewater and stormwater runoff.

US Water Leachate Wastewater Treatment Plant water reclamation

Our team of licensed technicians and operators provide comprehensive start-up and commissioning services for a new leachate treatment plant for a leading US waste processing provider. We continue to provide outsourced O&M services to treat leachate generated by the active landfill.

US Water Chemical Manufacturing wastewater treatment plant water reclamation

For over 16 years, we have operated the industrial wastewater treatment plant at the Charleston International Manufacturing Center at Bushy Park. The water that is treated comes from multiple chemical manufacturing facilities and includes a sanitary component. Our operations team staffs the plant around the clock, even during hurricanes, with an operation that comprises a certified laboratory analyzing up to 350 tests each week, including many for process control and influent monitoring.

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Ken Jones, CQM
Ken Jones, CQM

Mr. Jones is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Water Industrial Group, LLC. Ken recently joined the company as part of the Ramboll Americas O&M Solutions acquisition where he had been for more than 26 years. Ken has a long-standing history of customer service and successful project operations that has elevated him to a leadership position within the organization. Ken firmly believes that our people are the key to excellent customer service, so his focus is on building a strong collaborative team that has driven the success of the Industrial Group.