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U.S. Water Industrial Group, LLC is a leading provider of industrial and environmental water reclamation treatment services for organizations across the United States.  Whether you’re experiencing a one-off treatment challenge, need help upgrading or maintaining your systems, or want to outsource the entire wastewater treatment responsibility so you can focus on your core business, our comprehensive service offerings deliver value without sacrificing regulatory compliance or OSHA and client safety standards.


As an Operations and Maintenance partner, U.S. Water Industrial Group can manage every component of your water and water reclamation system. The value provided by our staff of operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, and regulatory specialists goes well beyond just operating your plant. By balancing regulatory requirements with operational needs, we are able to find operational efficiencies and innovative solutions for improved performance and cost certainty, thus enhancing a system’s economic, technical, and environmental performance while planning for your future needs.

Take the Worry out of Staffing

You can employ our expert workforce, technology, knowledge, and other resources, such as our comprehensive safety program to help your existing staff. Best of all we give you professionally managed staff on-site, as well as technical experts off-site.

Tackle Treatment Challenges

Beyond enhancing your facility from a strictly operational standpoint, U.S. Water Industrial Group tackles treatment challenges through engineering design modifications. We begin with a full assessment of your existing system and will work with you to overcome the most challenging operations and maintenance issues.

Future Planning

Capital forecasting and integrating repair and replacement programs are just two of the ways we better equip your facility for the future. Whether a short-term fix or major upgrade, we don’t make any type of decision without first determining its impact on compliance, safety, operation, and other extensive variables.

Our Services

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Facility Commissioning/Start Up

CompleteSuite O&M

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Consulting

WaterPros Technical Support

U.S. Water Services Corporation - Compliance Management

TotalAssure Maintenance


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Ken Jones, CQM
Ken Jones, CQM

Mr. Jones is the Senior Vice President of U.S. Water Industrial Group, LLC. Ken recently joined the company as part of the Ramboll Americas O&M Solutions acquisition where he had been for more than 26 years. Ken has a long-standing history of customer service and successful project operations that has elevated him to a leadership position within the organization. Ken firmly believes that our people are the key to excellent customer service, so his focus is on building a strong collaborative team that has driven the success of the Industrial Group.